Stuart Bogie - Morningside LP
Stuart Bogie - Morningside LP
Stuart Bogie - Morningside LP
Stuart Bogie - Morningside LP

Stuart Bogie - Morningside LP

You’ve heard Stuart Bogie before because he’s played saxophone, clarinet, and flute on a lot of records. TV On The Radio, Foals, Sharon Van Etten, Beth Orton, Run the Jewels, Antibalas, the list goes on and on and on.

We connected with Stuart during the early clutches of COVID through Korey Richey, DFA Studios engineer and LCD Soundsystem band member. 

Stuart had been cooped up in the apartment that he shared with his partner, Karyn, and their family. It was Karyn who suggested a restless Stuart start playing clarinet on Instagram Live every morning, a ritual he kept for 150 straight days. Along the way, he solicited drones and other sounds from his friends as accompaniment.

Korey asked James if he had anything lying around that might fit. Uncharacteristically, James said yes. There was this long, plaintive drone of treated piano made sometime in the 90s that he’d just found. And another similarly droning but slightly darker organ piece made for an installation in the mid-2000s. Stuart played over both in separate sessions, improvising these beautiful, delicate clarinet runs for the sheltered, live-streaming few.

We listened back to the recordings in the office and couldn’t shake how great they were. They felt like a decompression valve, relief from the persistent, creeping apocalypse. They deserved a more meaningful existence than that of a shitty MP3. 

So, Stuart came into DFA and recorded them properly. This time Korey ran him through a stack of delay units that stretched and smeared that clarinet into each drone until they were one bewildering whole. Each recording clocked in at roughly twenty minutes - perfect side-long lengths. It all fell into place so naturally.

“Morningside” is the name of the album. Two tracks on two sides. Produced by Korey and James, mixed by James, mastered and cut by Bob. It’s out October 27. You can listen to a few snippets of each side and pre-order the vinyl below. (Since it’s only two “songs,” we aren’t releasing anything officially beforehand.)

A final, but important note: the cover features a detail of a photograph called “The Burial Vault” by the excellent photographer Gregory Crewdson, taken from his recent series “Eveningside.” (The full photograph is featured on a printed insert inside the record package.) A few months earlier, Gregory was finishing what would become “Eveningside” and asked James (a friend) if he might, y’know, have anything lying around. A video was being made about the work and music was needed. James sent these recordings, which evidently sort of stopped Gregory in his tracks. And just like that another piece of the puzzle fell into place. The connection was so natural that Stuart also finally found the title he’d been searching for (until that point, we’d been calling the record simply “Clarinet and Delay.”)


Produced by James Murphy for the DFA & Korey Richey
Mixed by James Murphy
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service
Clarinet recorded by Korey Richey at DFA Studios, Brooklyn, NY on November 6, 2022

“Morningside” treated piano recorded at DFA Recording, Manhattan, 2009 originally for an installation at Palais De Tokyo, Paris, in October 2009. Engineered by Matt Thornley and James Murphy.

“Eveningside” feedback and organ recorded sometime in 1993 at Plantain Recording House, Brooklyn, originally for a video art installation. Engineered by James Murphy.

Album art direction by Sam Duke
Cover and insert photograph by Gregory Crewdson, The Burial Vault,
2021-2022, Digital pigment print, image size: 34.5 x 46 in. © Gregory Crewdson

Pressed at Citizen Vinyl in Asheville, NC.