Larry Gus - With All Your Eyes Look (Remixes) 12"

Larry Gus - With All Your Eyes Look (Remixes) 12"

Larry Gus releases another single from his DFA debut LP “Years Not Living”. This time it is the album’s  lead-off track, entitled “With All Your Eyes Look”. 

There are 3 remixes as well as a gorgeous  If approaching the song from it’s literary roots and inspiration (Georges Perec’s “Life: A User’s Manual”) is all too much, the post modern take on straight up driving urgent & dramatic psychedelic rock music should be just sufficient. The song is a perfect summation of all the talents that make Larry Gus such a unique talent. The mathematical layering of musical elements both grandiose and minuscule combine to make one of the most engaging singles of the summer.

The single has been remixed by three quite diverse artists and producers: Cut Hands (William Bennett of White House fame), Black Deer (aka Willie Burns) & Tuff Sherm (aka Dro Carey). All tracks lean on the percussive and manic syncopations of the original track but spin it out into very unique and surprising directions.


  1. With All Your Eyes Look
  2. With All Your Eyes Look (Tuff Sherm Remix)
  3. With All Your Eyes Look (Black Deer Remix)
  4. With All Your Eyes Look (Cut Hands Remix)