PRE-ORDER: Mermaid Chunky - slif slaf slof LP
PRE-ORDER: Mermaid Chunky - slif slaf slof LP
PRE-ORDER: Mermaid Chunky - slif slaf slof LP

PRE-ORDER: Mermaid Chunky - slif slaf slof LP

 “Stunning.” - Clash

“A beautifully ritualistic trance.” - The Guardian

Mermaid Chunky. It’s all in a name, sometimes. The danceable, costumed, curiosity rich duo of artists Freya Tate and Moina Moin are as imaginative as they profess. Or, to get more to the point, as we all need them to be.

Freya and Moina are two visual artists and musicians from Stroud and South London, places where they importantly found communities (Stroud’s SVA and the capital’s Total Refreshment Centre) of like minded people just as willing to chase down an idea to its possibly illogical conclusion. And it is in the collective and the idea of participation that Mermaid Chunky really clicks. This is a party, a collective dance, made all the better with more: people, ideas, layers, kick drums, recorders, saxophones, frogs.

To wit, the album’s first track and first single, “Céilí,” named after a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering and dance, which builds from a simple recorder line into a swelling, warm burst of major chord dance music. Goosebumps or check your pulse.

Further down the rabbit hole, “Chaperone” is almost boardwalk electro, like Fischerspooner on a ferris wheel; “Frogsporn” and “Nature Girl” are mucky, trippy dirges filled with stalactites of synth and squelch; “Tiny Gymnast” is a kaleidoscopic waltz into the night. Hold onto your seats, ladies and gentlemen.

You might be wondering how we, DFA Records, all the way over in cynical Brooklyn, entered the picture. There was a day a few years ago, sun shining in full Springtime splendor, when James heard something while waiting for a coffee down the street from the office. It sounded simple yet deceptively complex: a dance track where the one - that anchoring first beat in a measure - could be heard a thousand different ways. Frustrated and interested, he Shazamed the song, playing from an episode of Zakia’s Questing show on NTS, and brought it back to the office. (The song, FYI, was “Friends,” from Mermaid Chunky’s VEST EP, released in 2020.) It led to an invitation to open for LCD Soundsystem at Brixton Academy in 2022 and the eventual deal with DFA. Mermaid Chunky has also played live alongside The Comet Is Coming, Alabaster DePlume, Snapped Ankles, and many others.


  1. céilí
  2. frogsporn
  3. tiny gymnast
  4. chaperone
  5. medieval
  6. nature girl
  7. sad nun

All songs written by Freya Tate and Moina Moin

Produced by Mermaid Chunky and Joe Jones

Mixed by Korey Richey, Pablo Morales, and Joe Jones

Mastered by Bob Weston

Photos by Simon Pizzey

Costumes by Mermaid Chunky and Liberty Ray