Marcus Marr - Brown Sauce 12"

Marcus Marr - Brown Sauce 12"

DFA is pleased to announce the long-awaited followup to Marcus Marr’s acclaimed 2013 single “The Music”.

A music obsessive all his life, Londoner Marcus Marr’s first encounters with dance music were acid house records which augmented his vinyl collection of rock and soul, and attending all night parties under Brixton’s St Matthews church. Traveling to the south of England to watch DJ Harvey play a lengthy set, he saw the kind of power a DJ can wield over a willing crowd.

“The Music”, was featured prominently in the 2012 film “Pusher”, starring Richard Coyle and Agyness Dean. The single’s B-Side “Pleasure Moon” was used to open the 2014 Versace show in Milan. Additionally, it was placed at #3 in Spin Magazine’s “The 40 Best Dance Tracks of 2013”, bested only by Daft Punk and Todd Terje.

Marcus has the following to say about these two new tracks:

Brown Sauce: “Depending on the vibe of the night, if you come and see me DJ it’s likely you’re going to hear some futuristic music, as well as some disco, house and so on. I want people to be warned about that so I made “Brown Sauce”. I’ve been playing it all over the place for a good while now and it never lets me down.”

Peacemakers : “This one has features me on my bass guitar. I'ts a Fender Jazz and its usually there somewhere on most of my tunes. I bought it off a clueless Brummie punk years ago. He wanted only £90 for it - i was sure there was a catch but no, it was the genuine article.”

These two tracks are a taste of what we can expect in the future from Marcus Marr, who will be releasing his debut album on DFA in 2015. 

 Track List: 

  1. Brown Sauce
  2. Peacemakers